Spring courses

Spring (semester) is here!! Dr. Sandefur’s classes this spring are introductory biology (lecture), genetics (lecture and lab) and microbiology (lab only). He’ll be using POGIL in his intro bio course as well as provide an introduction to reading and critically analyzing primary scientific literature. Genetics lecture will revolve around a published case study of a toddler with a severe type of inflammatory bowel disease and will involve a good deal of primary literature reading and analysis. He’ll continue using Socrative for in-class real time polling and quizzes as it worked well in the fall. Genetics lab will provide a mix of traditional analysis techniques, recombinant dna technology and genomics. And microbiology lab will involve learning different methods to identify microorganisms. Course syllabi are available below. Course materials are available for interested instructors, just shoot Dr. Sandefur an email.

Principles of Genetics Lab Syllabus
Principles of Genetics Lecture Syllabus
Microbiology Lab Syllabus
Principles of Biology Syllabus