• Lumber River Microbial Biodiversity

    Conservation biology seeks to protect Earth’s biodiversity, but efforts are overwhelmingly focused on non-microbial forms..

  • ASL homeostasis

    Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease characterized by the build-up of thick mucus. Mucus clearance..

  • Traditional Medicine

    The Traditional Medicine project is an investigation into the cellular mechanisms of the efficacy of medicinal..

  • Tricksters

    The basic idea of this evolving workshop is to use storytelling to motivate interest in..

  • CASL Club

    The ability to read, interpret and analyze scientific literature is important to success in technical..

  • ChIP-Seq

    In collaboration with Max Boeck, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Regis University,..

  • ANTZ!

    What began as interest in a undergraduate honor’s thesis project by former lab member Marcus..

  • Curriculum connections

    A primary goal of this project is to aid interdisciplinary curriculum design by identifying intersections..

  • Early versus delayed gene expression

    In collaboration with Ben Bahr at the UNCP Biotech Facility, former UNCP undergraduate Marcus Sherman..