Research Opportunities in the Sandefur Lab

Sandefur Lab Flyer

The Sandefur Lab: Exploring how small changes can make a big difference.

Current projects in the Sandefur Lab fall into two main categories: systems biology and integrative course design.

Systems biology projects are directed at investigating diseases that impact rural communities, with a particular focus on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes. There is increasing evidence of a connection between COPD and diabetes, where having one disease exacerbates problems generally associated with the other. In The Sandefur Lab, we employ a systems biology approach combining computer models and ‘big data’ sets to investigate molecular-level (1) signal disruptions within and (2) crosstalk between COPD and diabetes. The long term goal is to develop and use predictive computational models of COPD and diabetes to generate new therapeutic avenues.

Integrative course design projects are aimed at developing a methodology to identify intersections between traditional indigenous knowledge (TIK) and current STEM (science, technology and mathematics) curriculum. The long term goal is to develop a tool for instructors interested in incorporating TIK into their curriculum.

No specific biological, computational or mathematical skills are required. We learn as we go!