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In the Sandefur Lab, we enjoy diverse and dynamic collaborations and civic engagement and are passionate about accessible, rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates research in the classroom.


  • Trickster Outreach at Prospect

    5 Apr 2017

    Trickster Outreach Day 1 at Prospect School was a success! We started the afternoon with a POGIL worksheet on DNA Structure, then moved into extracting DNA from strawberries. It got a little messy but was a lot of fun. Thank you to Duke Energy Foundation for funding this project.

  • Funded CURE Project! Metagenomic Bioblitz

    12 Mar 2017

    We are excited to announce funding for our project, “Metagenomic Bioblitz: Discovering the Microbial Diversity of the Lumber River.” The goal of this collaborative project (with Dr. Lisa Kelly, Biology) is to engage Conservation Biology and Microbiology students in an investigation of the microbial biodiversity of the Lumber River using DNA sequencing. Project development is […]

  • First plant of the Sandefur Lab

    21 Feb 2017

    We’ve been working hard on our antimicrobial properties of plants studies over the summer and fall. When winter hit, we ran into trouble collecting most of our plants as most had moved to dormancy. To help our research be more sustainable as well as controlled, we are acquiring and planting seeds in our greenhouse. The […]